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How to cancel, move or postpone an event?

If you have a compelling reason to make changes to the date or location of your event after your ticketing has already been put into production, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the administration of events from Ticketack (for example: Administration -> Sessions)
  2. Start by preventing the purchase or reservation of additional seats on the session to be modified by reducing all quotas to their minimum value from the “Quotas” tab;
  3. From the “Tickets” tab, export all reservations for the session to an Excel file;
  4. Still from the “Tickets” tab, refund each of the tickets purchased for this event, cancel for each subscription the reservation(s) for this event. In the case of a postponement or relocation of a venue, always choose the “Cash” refund mode so that you can make the same purchases again in a subsequent step; ;
  5. Once all reservations and tickets have been cancelled, you can delete the session from the Ticketack administration (red button on the top right);
  6. If you wish to move or postpone the event rather than cancel it outright, now create a new session or event with the new data in your scheduling tool (Kronos, Eventival, Filemaker, etc.);
  7. Import the new session from the Ticketack administration;
  8. Buy each of the tickets that were in the Excel export you made in step 3. by choosing the payment method “Cash”, in the same box as the one selected in point 4, indicate the customer’s e-mail address in the sales interface (if you don’t have this field, ask us to add it) so that he receives his new tickets. Also make reservations for season ticket holders, who will be informed by e-mail of the changes you have made.
  9. If you wish, make a mailing from the Excel file to inform your customers of the changes you have made, let them know that their old ticket is no longer valid and that they have received a new one or, in the case of a complete cancellation, that they will be refunded. For season ticket holders, you can tell them that their season ticket will automatically be valid for the moved session.
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