Ticketack: The Turnkey Ticketing Service

Ticketack is a complete ticketing solution used today by festivals, cinemas and concert venues.


Service and support included: organize your events with serenity.

The Net Oxygen Team is at your disposal during the event. Real-time monitoring and 24/7 assistance allow us to offer a complete support.

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Some unbelievable functionalities: inspired by you

Ticketack is a concentrate of features thought for you to be efficient.

We take into account our customer’s regular feedback and requests: enjoy a system made for you, by you.

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A flexible management interface

  • Management of the event, venues, prices
  • Passes and accreditations
  • Automated import
  • Statistics
  • Accounting data
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Efficient Points of Sale

  • Tickets Sale
  • Merchandising Sell-out
  • Subscriptions Sale
  • Till transactions reports
  • Overbooking
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Multipurpose online sales

  • Furnished E-Shop
  • Booking with passes
  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Integration with a newsletter
  • Possibility to have various levels of integration
Avada Admin

Quick Scan

  • Quick and clear response
  • Venue occupancy
  • Access without booking (option)
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Innovative booking terminal

  • Check screening times
  • Check bookings
  • Book through passes
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Mobile Application

  • Additional sales channel
  • Push notifications
  • Booking through passes

Here are some features: there are many more…

  • Electronic wallet

  • Invitation system

  • Various import possibilities

  • Multiple export possibilities

  • Overbooking

  • Vouchers and discounts

  • Items sale

  • Several reimbursement methods

  • Advanced management of Rights

  • Various pass offers

  • Programming interface (API)

  • And much more…!

Our partner

Today, Eventival is widely regarded as the leader in film festival technology. While the Eventival Back Office and Eventival Visitor Page, both forming the most widely used film festival software in the world, remain its core products, other products for the film industry (namely the Eventival Submission Platform, and the Filmodrome database) are in preparation. More and more, the company also serves as a provider of globally applicable know-how, skills and experience that make the work of festivals and audiovidual organisations all over the world easier, more efficient and fun.

While most of Eventival’s clients are film festivals and events, its software is also used by conferences and cultural, social and business events.

They trust Ticketack

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