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How do I contact technical support?

If you are experiencing difficulties with the processes or information provided in this knowledge base or with Ticketack in general, you can contact us in a number of ways: On the Trello or Asana board dedicated to your organization (if applicable) By e-mail at support@netoxygen.ch By phone at [...]

Is it possible to extract the data requested by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC)?

We have ensured that the statistical reports provided by Ticketack comply with the expectations of the Federal Office of Culture authorities with regard to ticketing. So, by using our system you save precious time and increase the OFC's confidence in the data you provide them.

Managing delivery methods and costs

Ticketack has a complete management of delivery methods and costs. The basic delivery methods available are : virtual: delivery by e-mail pickup: pickup on site (in one of the sales outlets or at a partner's) delivery: delivery by a transporter For each of these modes it is possible to define rules according to the weight, [...]

What languages are supported?

Ticketack has full multilingual support. We currently have full translations in French, English and German. For other languages we are able to provide translations as required with or without the help of our interested customers.

What currencies are supported?

Ticketack supports virtually all currencies. Currently the system only supports one currency at a time for each instance, if you need a multi-currency system please contact us with your requirements. Regarding the currencies supported by the payment methods of our Proxypay, gateway, we invite you to read the article on the Proxypay knowledge base..  

How to define a cash float?

How to add a cash float : in the cash register menu, select 'Cash register'. click on 'Add' on the till you wish to credit in the cashier menu, select 'Cashier in 'type' select 'credit (add money to the till) in 'Amount' the amount to add The cashier can leave a comment to explain the [...]

What type of internet and electrical connection is needed?

For the points of sale, it is necessary to have at least a Wifi connection and if possible an Ethernet connection per box on the same network as well as an electrical connection. If you wish, our team is able to set up a quality network and find alternative technical solutions on request (for example [...]

How to cancel your last sale?

To cancel the last sale (your last basket with one or more items): From the ticketing office, click in the top left corner of the basket on Last sales A pop-up window opens and invites you to validate your choice All you have to do is click on the button(s) of the item(s) to be [...]

How to cancel, move or postpone an event?

If you have a compelling reason to make changes to the date or location of your event after your ticketing has already been put into production, you should follow the steps below: Go to the administration of events from Ticketack (for example: Administration -> Sessions) Start by preventing the purchase or reservation of additional seats [...]

How to refund a transaction with a payment terminal?

Cancel the last transaction With an Ingenico Move 5000 mobile payment terminal To cancel the last sale from an Ingenico Move 5000 mobile payment terminal, simply, from the payment terminal keyboard enter the menu with the "; go to "2. cancellation" ; enter the code 1111 and validate; check that the amount to be cancelled [...]