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Control entries with a scanner

Selecting the event to control Once the configuration of your scanner is complete, you can control entries using your dedicated scanner (recommended) or your smartphone. On your control device, you have the option to choose the event for which you want to control the entries. As you can see in the illustration below, the events [...]


Configuration of your ticketing scanners

To configure a scanner, you must first be connected to your ticketing system. In the menu at the top left, click on Management, then on Devices as shown below:   On the next screen, you will need to select the mode in which you want to configure the scanner: Point of Sale, Entry Control, Reservation [...]


Management of email templates

Access your email template management interface From your Kronos interface, you can manage and edit your email templates. To access the interface, click on "Administration" in the top toolbar, then in the Sales section of the left toolbar, click on "Email Templates". Once on this interface, you'll see the list of your previously created templates. [...]


How to connect to the Kronos management interface ?

Account Login 1. Launch a web page 2. When you are on a web page, go to the following url : https://kronos.ticketack.com/ 3. Then, use your login details provided by us and log in to the application with your email address and password. 4. Then to connect to your account by clicking on the "Connection" [...]


How to manage the available payment methods

Sale on site Payment This setting allows you to add multiple payment methods, you can select from the following options: Coin-operated : A device that accepts coins and bills to give change. Electronic wallet : an electronic payment method that allows you to store money in an online account. Sumup : a payment service that [...]


Article management

The document aims to define in a precise way the processes related to programming and the application of the rules of ticketing in relationship with Kronos and Ticketack If one point does not seem to you clear or not enough covered in this document, thank you for so that we can improve it


PDF template management

Introduction Your Kronos management interface allows you to create or modify PDF templates that are used for home printing and on-site printing. In this article you will learn how to create or modify a template on your Ticketack instance and associate it with a ticket type.   1. Log in to your "Kronos" management interface [...]


How do I contact technical support?

If you are experiencing difficulties with the processes or information provided in this knowledge base or with Ticketack in general, you can contact us in a number of ways: On the Trello or Asana board dedicated to your organization (if applicable) By e-mail at support@netoxygen.ch By phone at [...]


How do I change my logo ?

You can change the logos used on your tickets (A4 and thermal) and order confirmation emails directly from your Kronos management interface. General configuration The general configuration of the logos is accessible since the parameters of your Ticketack instance. Click on the cogwheel in the upper right-hand corner once are logged into your Kronos management [...]

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