Buckets management

Buckets have the following properties:

  • Identifier : contingent identifier (its name).

  • Capacity : number of places available in this buckets.

  • Vendors : indicate here a list of user roles that have the right to access this buckets. The default roles available are as follows :
    admin : the whole of directors
    eshop : your website, ticketing site and mobile application if available
    on-site : your employees at the points of sale during the event
    partner : external partners (tourist office, partner stores, etc.)
    accred : the whole of users who have this role (usually the accreditation office).

  • eligible ticket types :Ticketack identifiers of the ticket types (one-way tickets, subscriptions) that can access this buckets

  • available since : date and time from which this buckets is open.

  • available until : date and time after which this buckets is no longer available.

  • can fly from : when this buckets has no more space available, it is allowed to steal places from the buckets indicated here, in the order indicated.Note : the rules of the quota from which the seats are “stolen” are not evaluated in case of theft.

System buckets

In addition to your specific buckets, we set up the following system buckets for you, the purpose of which is described below.


The functionality overbooking allows users with the role overbooking (c.f. user management described in the documentTicketack – Administration, user management and statistics.pdf) to sell or make reservations beyond the capacity of the room. In doing so the bucket overbooking is increased by the chosen number of places, thus increasing the capacity of the room in the system.


The functionality « book-on-check » allows, for as much that the bucket book-on-check has been defined as such – which is its default function – to people who have a subscription eligible for an event but who have not made a prior reservation, to enter the room. In doing so, the system creates a reservation at the time of entry control for the event in a way transparent way for the input controller and the client and thi, for all that long as there are still places available accessibles in the contingents since which the bucket book-on-check can take places.

For more information on the application dedicated to entry control, please refer to the documentTicketack – Entry control.pdf.

No show

The “no-show” feature allows room managers to free up reserved to help of events of people who did not present themselves at the entry control at a given time. Additional places are thus made available in the contingent no-show for of other clients who are on place (depending on the rules linked to this bucket). Note : Place taken with a ticket for a single session and seats reserved less than 15 minutes ago are not released when this function is activated from the room management application.

For more information on the application dedicated to room managers, please refer to the documentTicketack – Room management.pdf.

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