Configuration of Scanners

To configure a scanner, you must first be connected to your ticketing system.

In the at the top right menu, click on the user, then on devices configuration as shown below :

To the next screen, you must choose the mode in which you want to configure the scanner (entry control, electronic purse…).

At click on the tab of the chosen mode, the QR code is regenerated. You will then just have to scan it with the canner to configure. Make sure you see the message : new configuration saved.

Be careful however to select the rooms for which the scanner must be able to scan the tickets, or others (Possibility to choose several rooms)

From an iPad: simply select the desired halls

From a PC: hold the ctrl key to select multiple halls.

Then regenerate the QR Code.

Scan the latter with the scanner with the help of the button provided for this purpose.


The message “new configuration saved” should appear: Your scanner is configured in the chosen mode, and for the selected halls.




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