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About online sales

The sales site allows your customers to purchase tickets and subscriptions as well as make reservations. It is usually used in conjunction with your existing website. The integration between the two systems can be done manually by means of a link to be inserted into your program or automatically by means of our APIs and plugins (see below) which allow, for example, to display the list of events and the contents of the shopping cart directly on your site (requires a technical adaptation of the site)

The main features of the online sales site :

  • program display ;

  • displaying a list of items ;

  • sales of subscriptions, tickets and merchandise;

  • reservation on subscription ;

  • payment of the order (credit cards, debit cards, Twint, payment on the spot, “free” payment (for free events with reservation)))

  • use of gift certificates/e-wallets and promo codes;

  • shipping cost management (requires integration).

  • donation management

Available parameters

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the parameters available for customizing the online sales website:

  • display of the filling gauge (default: activated) ;

  • link to your own program page, articles, subscription sales ;

  • link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy;

  • reservation cancellation policy ;

  • required and optional fields during checkout ;

  • integration with your newsletter system;

  • proposal to clients to make a donation;

  • import your own stylesheet ;

  • e-mail address where a copy of each e-mail sent by the system is sent.

Integration from your own site

If you don’t want to integrate at all, you can simply use one or more of the links documented onhttps://xxx.ticketack.com/docs/integration.html#links (replace xxx with your ticketing prefix).

Although our ticketing service can work with a simple link from your website, it is recommended to make or have made a strong integration between your own website in order to offer a better quality service to your customers.

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