The heart of the ticketing system is the Ticketack software hosted on servers managed by Net Oxygen in a specialized data center in Switzerland. This allows the customer not to have to take care of the maintenance ofa serveur and the update des logiciels and the costs this implies, These aspects being taken care of by our company. With each client having its own independent instance of the system, performance and availability are superior to generic, shared systems.

Around this core, several elements are grafted; they are listed below.

Interface de gestion

The management interface allows the customer to manage his ticketing. It is through this interface that can be managed theevents., that it is possible to edit the price lists and the rooms / places, toaccessto data on reservations as well as accounting statistics. It also allows you to manage the list of users of the system to whom it is possible to assign rights and to export the sales file as well as many other statistics that can be used with a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

Site de vente en ligne

The sales site allows your customers to buy tickets and subscriptions (passes, accreditations) as well as to make reservations. It is generally used in conjunction with your existing website, the integration between the two systems can be done manually by means of a link to be inserted in your program or automatically by means of our programming interfaces (“APIs”) which allow to display the list of events, the prices and the contents of the shopping cart directly on your site (requires a simple technical adaptation of the site which can be carried out by your webmaster or by our care (on estimate))

The main features of the online sales site :

  • Customizable (logos, fonts, colors)

  • Suitable for viewing via a conventional computer or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

  • Payment methods postcard, credit cards via Postfinance and Twint

Point de vente

The point of sale is the association of a tablet, a keyboard (optional) and a ticket printer. Cashiers log in with their personal login.

Possible operations (not exhaustive):

  • Consultation of the events, evenings to come with gauge of filling

  • Issuance of tickets

  • Issuance of subscriptions/passes (allowing the free reservation of events/parties during the period of validity of the subscription or for a group of determined parties)

  • Booking events on a subscription/pass (by “scanning” the subscription)

  • Sale of articles

  • Printing of receipts and summary of reservations

  • Printing of cash register statements for cash control (shows the total amount of cash received during the current working period and the number of tickets sold with details of each tariff).

Contrôle des entrées

The validity of the entries is checked at the entrance of the rooms by means of aperipheral of scan provided (usually an iPod). To be fast, the number of steps is reduced to a minimum and the result that appears on the screen can to the following two possibilities : Green: valid entry, Red: invalid ticket or reservation

In the case of a subscription/pass, the name and photo of the holder is displayed.

People scanning at the entrance have a real time view of the rate of people scanned

Paiement avec porte-monnaie électronique

It is possible to charge an amount on subscriptions/passes (and even on tickets for a single evening).

  • Loading is done at a point of sale (requires assigning the necessary rights) or with the festival administrators.

  • The amount charged can be used as a means of payment when cashing out at a point of sale (for the purchase of sessions or items) or at bars and restaurants (for example for volunteers and festival guests).

Bornes de réservation

On request, we can also provide you with one or more reservation terminals. These kiosks allow you, when not in use, to display informational or advertising content and, when used by festival-goers, to access the following functions in an extremely simple manner without having to go through a cashier:

  • display of reservations ;

  • display of the festival program ;

  • booking of events on the subscription.

From our discussions, it seems that this device is not suitable for your festival.

Application mobile

The mobile application for your festival allows festival-goers to consult your schedules, buy tickets and subscriptions from their cell phones, create their own program and obtain information on events using an optimized and dynamic interface directly linked to the program.

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